Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cartoon Brawl t-shirt (link roundup)

Today's $9 Tee Fury t-shirt by Damian King features classic cartoon characters fighting.

And a few more links:

1. From Bill Simmons latest excellent mailbag:

maybe there should be a Real Men of Genius Hall of Fame. Our first draft class could include, the guy who came up with the idea for women to shave their legs; Danny Biasone (the guy who invented the 24-second shot clock in basketball); the guys who invented aspirin, Halloween, the snooze button, the remote control, pizza and gambling. That's a killer first class. And my friend Wildes thinks we should throw in the first guy who looked at a cow and said "F this, I'm drinking that milk" in a fit of thirsty bestiality. That's a strong first class.

More importantly ... couldn't you want to walk around a Hall of Fame like this for hours? Why doesn't it exist? Why hasn't Budweiser built a Real Men of Genius Hall of Fame in St. Louis? This wouldn't replace the Arch and Albert Pujols as the No. 1 attraction in that city?
2. And from the same mailbag, have you heard of the LeBomb James? Pour 3 packs of Splenda on your hands, drop a shot of Crown Royal into a glass of Red Bull, chug it down, then throw the Splenda up in the air like baby powder.

3. There's apparently a new, increasingly popular formula for making methamphetamine that involves simply shaking the chemicals in a bottle. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Darwin fans), it's just as combustible as the old way, and frequently leads to bottles exploding in people's hands. Via.

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