Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Church marquee sponsored by Microsoft Bing? (link roundup)

Church marquee says "Some questions can't be answered by Google." Via.

And a few more links:

1. Stephen King's so-bad-it-was-impossible-to-finish novel The Colorado Kid is being made into a television series.

2. Speaking of, here's a longshot. Can anyone point me to the creepy images that were used before and/or after commercial breaks on Kingdom Hospital? I'm guessing they were by Jerry Uelsmann. (They were the only thing I liked about the show.)

3. Looks like the claim that the Raiders' head coach broke another coach's jaw isn't going away.

*Previously: Church marquee says: "Jesus: Stripped and violated just for you."

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  1. Some of those are definitely Uelsmann - not sure about 100% of them. The Outer Limits (the new series) also used Uelsmann's work for their opening credits. You can view much of his work at his website,

    Unfortunately, he leaves most of his works untitled, so searching for individual images can be somewhat arduous, doubly so because he reuses elements from other photos fairly often.

    The burning desk can be found here:

    woman covered in branches: