Friday, September 4, 2009

The Exciting World of Metrics (and other wonderful lunch boxes

Inspired by these posts, I decided to browse eBay for the best lunch boxes. enjoy:

Jem & the Holograms lunch box on sale at eBay.

Hardy Boys lunch box at eBay.

Yellow Submarine lunch box at eBay.

G.I. Joe action astronaut lunch box at eBay.

Miss America lunch box at eBay.

Welcome Back Kotter lunch box at eBay.

Walt Disney Bus lunch box at eBay.

Disco lunch box at eBay.

Knight Rider lunch boxes at eBay.

Flying Nun lunch box at eBay.

The Exciting World of Metrics at eBay.

Junior Nurse lunch kit at eBay.

*Previously: What is being depicted on this Gentle Ben lunch box?


  1. yo tenía el Bus de Disney. Y ahora se me ha antojao que ojalá lo siguiera teniendo, pero estoy muy segura de que mi madre lo tiró. Maldita!! :-p

  2. sorry, i meant to say, I use to have Disney's school bus, but I'm sure my mom threw it away long time ago. Now I wish I'd still have it :-p

  3. i had the disco lunchbox and it was cool back in the day. if i had the ca$h i'd drop the $75 on ebay and buy it! thanks for the walk down memory lane.