Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Justin Parpan's Monster prints (and so much more)

A few of Justin Parpan's new monster illustrations. Available as $15 prints. And the Black Lagoonish creature is available as a magnetic toy.

They reminded me of one of my favorite toys as a child. A little Googling (actually, a lot of Googling) tells me that they were called "fashion plates." You'd take various plates (one for the head, one for the torso, and one for the legs), snap them into place, put paper on top, and then rub carbon (?) to create a monster. I also had one that was car-themed called "Little Van Go." They were perfect for me since I wanted to create art, but had no drawing skill.

Apparently they're still being made. I spotted one featuring Urkel:

And there are a few on sale at eBay and Amazon.

(None of the monster kits, alas.)

But I digress. Back to Justin's prints. One features Hipster Bigfoot:

And coincidentally, this week I spotted a papercraft hipster:

You can download the hipster in skinny jeans here.

Finally, speaking of skinny jeans, here's a funny article about a reporter testing out skinny jeans. Via.

UPDATE: Adam found the exact two kits I was talking about.

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