Thursday, September 3, 2009

King Kong Company t-shirt (link roundup)

The latest t-shirt on sale at Last Exit to Nowhere features the King Kong Company patch Travis Bickle wears on his jacket in Taxi Driver.

And a few more links:

1. Absolutely ghastly video and information about the egg industry and what's done to unwanted male chicks (seriously, the description is bad enough, I didn't watch the video).

2. There are salt lobbyists and balloon lobbyists. You can learn about legislation affecting balloons at The Balloon Council. Via.

3. Writing for the NY Times, William Broad describes efforts to find the world's oldest living fossil:

Dr. Rona has found that P. nodosum thrives in restricted areas of Atlantic seabed. Its only visible feature consists of tiny holes arranged in six-sided patterns that look curiously like the hearts of Chinese checkers boards. He has photographed thousands of the hexagons and found that large ones have 200 or 300 holes.

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