Monday, September 28, 2009

Papercraft kaiju (link roundup)

You can download Damien's kaiju paper toy here.

And a few more links:

1. Wild photos and lots of information about the flooding in the Philippines.

2. Concept art for and photos of a new Maleficent transforming into a dragon sculpture.

3. Received in the mail: Applegeeks Volume 2: Weird Science:

All college students Jayce, Hawk, Alice, and Gina want to do is kick back and relax when they happen to land some downtime. And now that Hawk's latest creation, the sweet but dangerously superpowered android Eve, is finally starting to settle in with her motley crew of roommates, it looks like they'll actually get that chance! But a simple trip to the mall goes horribly awry, and when Eve goes haywire it's up to her newfound friends to calm her down, or shut her down! And if that weren't bad enough, the crew also find themselves contending with Jayce's megalomaniacal father, a giant robotic dinosaur, and Hawk's self-appointed nemesis, a five-year-old girl with dreams of world domination!
33% off at Amazon.

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