Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Scribblenauts winner is...

First, a round up of the Scribblenauts art that was submitted.

2D Pixel Maxwell by Faith, who has art on sale at Etsy.

Plush Maxwell by Rosemary Travale, who has art on sale at Etsy.

Scribblenauts illustration by Russell Conway.

Scribblenauts illustration by Eric Wiryanata, who has art on sale all over the place.

Scribblenauts illustration by Shane "Das Chupa" Parker.

Scribblenauts illustration by Gerald de Dios.

This time, I picked the winner randomly. Fate smiled upon Shane, and I've already emailed him his store credit. Thanks to everyone for participating and submitting such high quality art.

I'll be announcing the next Super Punch art contest in a few hours. It'll star the biggest prize I've given away yet. Here's two more hints.