Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And the winner is...

Before I roundup the entries and announce the winner of the Horror of Star Wars art contest, let me first thank my sponsors.

Costumes Inc. has a huge selection of costumes for adults and children, and also carries cool masks and accessories:

And over at Tenacious Toys, you'll find a large selection of vinyl toys. You can currently preorder Brambles from ThreeA Toys, and Patricio Oliver's Cucos will be available soon:

And now the entries. As always, the quality was high, and the task of picking a winner was thankless.

R2-D2 runs amok by Jacob Green.

Darth Vader made of demons by Rich Page.

Sarlacc/Cthulhu mashup by Cormac McEvoy.

Star Wars Scholastic-style book cover by Shane "Das Chupa" Parker.

Vintage arcade game by Carlos Melgares.

Each of the entries was excellent, but I have to pick a winner. And especially for its very clever concept, I select Jason Chalker's Tusken Raider ghost story:

I'd love to see a movie based on the concept, featuring a highly-stylized version of Anakin. Jason, your credits are on the way. To everyone else, thank you for participating.

If you have suggestions for future art jams or contests, please comment below.

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