Sunday, October 25, 2009

Candy Corn traffic cones (link roundup)

Candy corn traffic cones - - more photos in this gallery. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Video of someone trying the Windows 7 Whopper. Via.

2. Penelope Trunk:

The farmer broke up with me five times the first five months we were together, last year. So I learned that he had huge commitment issues.

I tried to do the advisable thing to do when you’re with someone who has commitment issues. I tried to fall in love with someone else. But I didn’t. I only missed the farmer more.

So I told myself that it’s okay to be with someone who has commitment issues, as long as I am having fun.

But my kids grew to love the farm, and the farmer, almost as quickly as I did. This makes sense. My oldest son was with me on my first visit to the farm, and if you have ever been on a working farm you know that to kids, it’s like Disney World.
Want to know what she decided to do? Via.

3. Supposedly, U2's latest four months of touring has earned $300 million, which is just enough to cover the cost of the tour. Via.

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