Sunday, October 11, 2009

King of Kings statue (link roundup)

The Solid Rock Church in Ohio features a giant statue of Jesus called the King of Kings. Although it's better known online as Big Butter Jesus. You might also be interested ni meeting the church's pastor.

And a few more links:

1. Tips on how to write a resume to hide job-hopping. Via.

2. Vampire bride, perhaps?

3. Morphing Rorschach animated gif. Via.

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  1. Big butter Jesus is like five miles from my house. Good to see he's made an appearance here.

    He's also online as...Jeeebus...

  2. WOOT! BBJ reprazent! That's not far from me at all. I used to drive by all the time. I still nearly get in a wreck every time I pass His holiness. I always thought the way it was sculpted it looked a bit like cheese, hence:

  3. I have to pass this on the way to my Mother In Law's. Each time I do, I shout a hearty "Touchdown, it's GOOOOOOOOD!"...