Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Los Angeles as the Emerald City (link roundup)

Dorothy stares off at Los Angeles/Emerald City in this illustration by Jody Hewgill for an article about L. Frank Baum. You can see more work and buy various prints by Hewgill here.

And a few more links:

1. Scariest piano teacher ever.

2. Drawing of a buffalo god.

3. Received in the mail: Larry Marder's Beanworld Volume 2: A Gift Comes!:

"A Gift Comes!" is jam-packed with new characters and monumental developments in the evolving Bean world culture. It kicks off with the birth of the next generation of Beans: the baby Pod'l'pool Cuties. It chronicles the discombobulation of Mr. Spook's fork by greedy Goofy Service Jerks. Meet Mr. Teach'm, who raised Mr. Spook on a cloud. See the crazy breakout origin of Heyoka, Bean world's upside down and backwards Bean. Read how Professor Garbanzo first discovered the Four Realities and much, much more! The Bean world is a self-contained, weird fantasy dimension that operates under its own rules and laws, but it also echoes deep truths about our own world at the same time. All the characters, whether they are friends or adversaries, understand that ultimately they depend on each other bean world's survival.
25% off at Amazon.

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