Monday, October 19, 2009

Marvel Comics meet Lovecraft

Paolo Rivera says:

here is my first page of promotional art for The Marvels Project. I was asked to simulate a journal from the 1930s, written by a scientist who is involved in a secret government program to engineer super-powered soldiers. I wasn't given much direction beyond that, so I had a good degree of freedom (even with the text).
More art on the way.

I'm not up to date enough on current comics to know whether this is a new project or part of the campaign for The Marvels Project issues that have already come out. You can read a long interview with Ed Brubaker about that story here. He describes it as "an epic pulp adventure/espionage tale" about the earliest Marvel heroes, and "a widely-focused character piece with a sprawling cast... from the US govt. to the heroes like Angel, Cap and Torch, to the scientists in Germany and Russia, the spies who moved through all these worlds." You can see art from and reviews of that story at these links.

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