Friday, October 16, 2009

New SpongeBob toys from Burger King

Coming next week (I think), new SpongeBob toys at Burger King. I'm actually not a fan of SpongeBob or his show (every episode I've seen seems to feature him as a moron torturing people), but these figures are about as good as the last several sets of vinyl toys released by Kidrobot.

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  1. Not really feeling the Spongebob vibe, kidrobot at least has curvature, these look like Spongebob mega blocks. And though your summary of the show is accurate (and it rips off Spümcø at every chance), I still like it for its unyielding lunacy.

  2. I'm (obviously) excited about PO's Cucos, but before that, the last Kidrobot blind box toy I bought was Kid Acne's Rolling Stock and I think that was back in May. (And even then, I only bought one.)

  3. John, get a sense of humor. Spongebob is not the best show but it is funny.

  4. Well, I LOVE Spongebob.
    John, I am not sure we watch the same show.... every episode Spongebob is a moron torturing 'people'?? That's a little over the top, don't you think?
    It is the funniest show... entertaining and original.
    Also, my son really likes these toys and enjoys playing with them. We can't wait for the next batch of fast food toys!!
    I am missing a few older ones... I think its crazy how much people think they can re-sell them for!!