Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stormtrooping in the rain (link roundup)

Stormtrooper in the rain via these sites. Source unknown.

And a few more links:

1. Puppy cupcakes.

2. Received in the mail: Shaman Warrior Volume 7:

The corrupt forces of the Kugai Empire have sworn to destroy all shaman warriors, the mystical, animalistic killing machines who once led their armies. With her hereditary powers still untapped, Yaki holds her own, and her sword-fighting and stealthy assassin skills help her carve a bloody path to the heartless general who ordered the death of her father - the great shaman leader, Yarong. Picking up right where our last volume's cliffhanger left us, Batu's showdown with Yuda - the Death Lord who defeated Yarong - reaches its explosive conclusion, and Nejo claws his way from the grave to a dangerous desert town in his search for Yaki.
15% off at Amazon.

3. Concept art for a Moby Dick movie that never was.

*Previously: Book cover for Moby Dick by Emmanuel Polanco in the style of Saul Bass.

*Buy Star Wars sketch cards at eBay.