Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tentacle shower head by Vado (link roundup)

"Sculpture" shower head by Vado. Via these fine sites.

And a few more links:

1. Penny Arcade is hosting a Katamari-themed art contest.

2. Game Informer has a dedicated minisite for its various exclusive stories about the new steampunk video game for the Wii Epic Mickey. They also posted some concept art here. But mostly the site is as user-unfriendly as can be. Indeed, I've seen countless sites that have posted scans from the magazine that are far more enjoyable to look at than the posts at Game Informer. I don't believe it's right to post scans from the magazine, or to link to others who have done so, but Game Informer has really gotten what it deserved in doing such a bad job of getting the content online itself.

3. The AP says:

Shepard Fairey has now been forced to admit that he sued the AP under false pretenses by lying about which AP photograph he used to make the Hope and Progress posters. Mr. Fairey has also now admitted to the AP that he fabricated and attempted to destroy other evidence in an effort to bolster his fair use case and cover up his previous lies and omissions.
Read on. Indeed, Fairey describes his conduct here. Via.

*Previously: Shepard Fairey's profanity-laced response to a report that he had taken action to deter graffiti at his studio.

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