Thursday, December 10, 2009

New York Tribune warns against thieves in the air (link roundup)

Circa 1910, "When burglars learn to handle the aeroplane with precision an silence. Our artist takes a look into the future and foresees the time when roofs must be secured as carefully as any other part of the home." Via.

And a few more links:

1. There's an art installation in the New York subway that allows people to make music (if they're tall enough).

2. Neon dragon.

3. Here's photos of Lady Gaga playing that giant monstrous piano I mentioned this week. Via.

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  1. I've tried, and seen a dozen other people try, the high-reach musical thingee at the 34th Street train station, as I used to work in the area. Perhaps it worked better when it was first installed, but I've never seen it perform with any reliability. Too many other things can trigger it, from trains in the other direction, to any litter blowing high in the breezes caused by the many different lines of trains that run through that station. A clever idea, but a bit out of tune. :)