Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Sexy Daddy (link roundup)

One Sexy Daddy, from Harlequin's Sexy Single Dads series. From a reader review:

This poignant tale from Harlequin Press would provide the young adult with a well-rounded view of career life, parenthood, and sexy shenanigans. Don't let the cover throw you; this novel is not about having pedophilic relations with your daughter. It's about breaking through the stereotypes provided by society, such as that of the swinging single man, to different stereotypes, such as that of the content married man.

As entertaining as it is educational, Daddy grabs you from the get-go with its description of Adam Tyler, a charismatic architect, who zooms into our lives in his tomato-red beamer, fresh from three months in the Amazon where he built both a hospital for the poor and his smooth caramel chest. Through Adam's adventures, young college men would learn to cope with hardships of juggling one night stands with pageant queens while passing off your daughter onto a hilarious string of disgruntled babysitters. Adam, the quintessential ladies man, shows us the proper mix of suave bedroom banter, "Oh, yes,'re doing what you're doing just fine," and comedic ineptitude in the kitchen, repeatedly setting fire to his home in futile attempts to make pancakes. Sound like the good life? Adam thought so too, until his job forced him to take residence in the gossipy small town of Deerhorn, Wisconsin. Can a big-city swinger survive in a generic small town? Will spending time with his daughter bring Adam down to Earth?
Available for a penny at Amazon.

And a few more links:

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