Monday, January 4, 2010

Admiral Ackbar as a Wild Thing (link roundup)

Admiral Ackbar/Where the Wild Things Are mashup
by Andrew Fulton. See also: Dork Wolverine and Professor Crumpleton. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Kraft Foods is the official sponsor of the destruction of old Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The child that wins an essay contest will win the Cheddar Explosion contest and get to push the plunger.

2. Albert Chan of Thinkway Toys describes how his company works with John Lasseter to make toys for Pixar. Sample answer:

After the "Toy Story" movie was released in 1995, John told me he would be in Hong Kong and would like to visit the toy factory that makes the "Toy Story" toys. After his arrival, we took a two-hour car ride to the factory in China. While we were there, he left no stone unturned and went through the entire production process. He looked at and felt the various colored plastic pellets that would eventually form the different color components of the action figures. He studied how the factory workers applied spray paint on the toy figure faces. After going through every production stage, John realized that the manufacturing process was still very labor intensive and not as automated as he had expected. It was a very hands-on process and involved hundreds of workers and man hours.

3. Day of the Dead-style Lego.

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