Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Airships and Alice in Wonderland

Gallery Nucleus has posted all of the art from its current show, Lift Off: The Art of Airships. Below are a few highlights, with links to the artists' personal sites.

Balloon 13 by Jake Parker.

Sabicu by Myke Amend.

First Flight by Jason Caffoe.

Escapement by Stephan Martiniere.

Relatedly, I noticed that Gallery Nucleus will be hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed show on February 27. The image you see above is by Alina Chau.

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  1. No way - I *just* spent the last few hours looking for airship art over on deviantART! I'm still really happy with the one I purchased (this one: http://studio-octavio.deviantart.com/art/DRAGON-SHIPS-86164024) but now I'll have to go check all these out, too.

    See, THIS is way Super Punch rocks. Thanks, John!