Friday, January 15, 2010

Art by Matthew Lyons (link roundup)

Matthew Lyons' site is full of illustrations begging to be turned into movies (or at least posters). Via.

And a few more links:

1. A woman was sentenced to stand in front of an Orlando police station, holding a sign apologizing for battering a police officer. Via.

2. Bizarre, vivid story about Ron Artest.

3. This is hardly the first time NBC's Jeff Zucker has stuck it to Conan O'Brien:

He continued his writing career as an undergraduate at Harvard University, where he covered sports for The Harvard Crimson. He later became president of the publication. It was at Harvard that Zucker first met Conan O'Brien, now an NBC late-night host, who worked for humor magazine the Harvard Lampoon. As a prank, O'Brien's staff stole all the Crimson issues one day before they could be delivered. Zucker called the cops. "My first meeting with Jeff Zucker was in handcuffs, with a Cambridge police officer reading me my rights," says O'Brien.
Via these sites.

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