Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forkbot (link roundup)

Found item sculpture
by Brian, who has sculptures on sale at Etsy.

And a few more links:

1. Ever wonder why restaurant websites are so irritating? Clients From Hell has the answer:

I don't care if it loses 90% of visitors, we can't have a skip on the website intro, we paid a lot of money for that and everybody has to see it.

2. Neat photo booth strip look to these photos of a Cinderella at Disneyland.

3. The rise and fall of Hummel figurines - - a warning for anyone who collects vinyl toys in the hopes that they'll increase in value. Via.

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*Buy Beanie Babies by the ton at eBay.


  1. My first and second job was working in antique malls. God how I loathed Hummels and their collectors.
    I hate to stereotype but I group collectors of Hummels in the same as people who collect Precious Moments figurines.
    People either lacking in connection with their own families or people who never got to have a family of their own.
    Same as people who collect dolls.
    Thankfully statistics support the gender of these people [normally women] not fitting the psychologically isolated profile of serial killer. So instead they become obsessed miniature procelain person collectors. Blah!
    They gave me the creeps the same way Dexter gave Doakes the creeps in Dexter.

  2. I knew someone who collected lladro (and hated that person). Never knew anyone who collected Hummel, though.