Friday, January 8, 2010

Minimalist start pages (link roundup)

Go here for soothingly minimalist start pages for Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, and Twitter (although the Twitter page doesn't make sense to me). Via.

And a few more links:

1. Very serious wedding in a forest.

2. The NBA tried to disappear the recently-taken photo of Gilbert Arenas making a shooting gesture at a recent game.

3. Destructoid received a huge sword from the makers of Darksiders, and is giving one away. Destructoid also posted the first ten minutes of Darksiders here.

4. And finally, Mike Krahulik defended Darksiders today:

Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku called Darksiders a "Creative Mess" In his review and laments Joe Madureira's input. This statement alone is enough to make me think that he should probably never write game reviews again. Perhaps he should be relegated to stories about cakes that look like 1up mushrooms or cufflinks shaped like the Triforce.
*Previously: Albert Einstein with Cloud's buster sword.

*Buy swords at eBay.


  1. Minimalist design almost always look very good. Crisp, clean, and polished. The problem is that is not always very functional. That site was very pretty, but horrible to use. I could not find the other search engines.

    As for the NBA article, I cannot wait for David Stern's big fall. His collapse will be epic once he gets trapped into admitting Michael Jordan's first retirement was actually a gambling suspension.

  2. I'm actually a big David Stern fan. I think he's really funny.

  3. holy jeebus! that "Very serious wedding in a forest" looks like the Wedding of the Damned. No gift registry, they'll just eat your soul. One of us... one of us...

    dang, as if I didn't find weddings scary enough before.

  4. I like your blog. thanks for linking to my damned photo. :)