Friday, January 1, 2010

One last SciFi Fairy Tale

Not done in time for the SciFi Fairy Tales art contest, but here's one last submission by OJ Desuasido:

Five Years Ago:
Agents Jack and Jill were tasked to retrieve the stolen compound H2O, supposedly kept in a citadel located in the northern hemisphere called The Hill. It was supposed to be a routine assignment, except that there was no mention in the briefing about the massive security measures installed in the place. Agent Jack was the first to fall, sustaining multiple blows to the head from a hyperkinetic crown breaker. Agent Jill barely got him out of the site, sustaining injuries herself after having practically all of her bones fractured by a ultrasonic tumbler. Suffice it to say that the mission was a tragic failure.

Agent Jack's skull, as well as his whole head, has been replaced by a virtually unbreakable Omnisensor helmet, while Agent Jill's skeletal and muscular systems have been replaced by a techno-organic frame and a highly adaptive nanobot armor. Having recovered from their injuries, the new and improved Agents head north to The Hill to finish the one mission they had failed to complete. Little do they know that the citadel itself has had some upgrades of its own.
If you missed the announcement, the January art theme is John Carter of Mars.

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