Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steve Jobs at home

All the gadgetbloggers seem down on the iPad, but I suspect that's because they all already have notebooks and smartphones. I don't have a smartphone because I can't justify the monthly fee for a device that I think I'd have difficulty blogging on. But a superportable notebook with $30 a month/no contract unlimited data plan sounds pretty good. And for my folks, who are totally intimidated by computers, a super simple device like this, especially the incredibly easy internet access, would be ideal. (Assuming AT&T can actually provide adequate coverage in Los Angles.)

Steve Jobs at home via.


  1. A superportable notebook that only runs Apple-sanctioned App Store apps. Go find an iPod touch and see if you can do all of your blogging on that.

  2. If it got flash support I'd be down, but watching Hulu accounts for a quarter of my web experience. I'm looking more toward the HP Slate.

  3. I use Blogger, so all I need is web access to blog.

  4. "superportable notebook"
    Unfortunately, the iPad is neither a notebook or superportable. I'd recommend a netbook for your needs.

    Love the blog, btw!