Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunflowers (link roundup)

Sunflowers by Scott Radke, who has various prints on sale here.

And a few more links:

1. Last day to share a Valentine's Day story to win a t-shirt and iPhone case.

2. At the BeastBrothers' urging, I'm going to experiment with Twitter again for awhile. At first I tried Twitterfeed, but the Tweets didn't look very good. And of course now I'm having trouble turning off Twitterfeed - - a problem that seemed common on their forum. I'm extremely unimpressed with their service and their help feature. (After a year or so, I still think Twitter is vastly inferior to Google Reader in every way that's meaningful to me.)

3. Full scan of the Little Golden Book Disney's Ben [Franklin] and Me.

*Previously: Evil Ben Franklin video game boss.

*Buy US President bobbleheads at eBay.


  1. heh, i noticed you were posting on twitter this morning. I think twitter is just totally different from feed readers and the like,and for a different purpose. it's more a conversation or a connection. I also recommend tweetdeck for organizing your friends to make things easier to follow. hootsuite has some nice features too.


  2. Yeah, I'm probably just not suited for it, but we'll see.