Sunday, January 31, 2010

William Gibson's "Footage"

William Gibson has an uncanny knack for making things sound cool, whether it's a Buzz Rickson MA-1 bomber jacket, or a Volkswagen Phaeton, or the imaginary "footage" that's at the heart of Pattern Recognition. Unfortunately, when I actually see those things in real life, they're always tremendously disappointing.

Turns out, even the imaginary footage is disappointing.

I can't remember where I first saw the (disturbing) videos you see below. But I definitely didn't think they were worth posting at the time (and I thought there was a third video?). But today Gibson described them "as seriously Footage-y as anything I've seen on YouTube."

They couldn't possibly have been more different than what I envisioned, which was more a romantic, timeless Sky Captain look.


  1. This is why the movie is always worse than the book. In YOUR mind, it's always the best thing ever, to you. When you see it in real time, it's an interpretation.

    Sides, the Rickson is pretty damn cool if a hottie like Cayce is rocking it.

  2. I don't think he meant that the actual content resembled the Footage. I think what he was referring to was the fact that there is no clear indication (at the time of the videos being posted) who or what they were for, or who made them. They were "Footage-y" in that sense. Videos seeming made for themselves, by themselves without outside interference or connection.