Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Win a Threadless t-shirt and iPhone case

Contest is now closed. Chris won and has been contacted. Thanks for sharing, everyone. Great stories.

I have one Threadless t-shirt and iPhone case to give away (the winner will choose from one of the two designs above). For a chance to win, comment on this post and make sure your comment includes your email and a description of a gift you received or gave for Valentine's Day, or a description of a happy Valentine's Day memory. One comment per person, and this contest is open to everyone, regardless of where you live. Comments must be posted by Wednesday, September 27, 8:00 p.m., Los Angeles time. You'll find more Threadless iPhone cases and iPhone wallpapers here.

UPDATE: Don't miss the comments. So far they're great.

And of course, you can win a $100 Threadless credit by participating in this month's art contest.


  1. I think one of the best Valentine's Day gifts I ever gave was to an ex of mine.
    We were a rather morbid couple.
    So I gave him a jar with a red ribbon around it that had a preserved baby nurse shark. And a copy of Monsters:Human Freaks in America's Gilded Age:The Photographs of Chas Eisenmann. I think it was the best because it suited the guy's interests and was far from being something snagged at the grocery store checkout and delivered in thin, ugly pink and red cardboard.
    Heh...speaking of that book, I've got one of that photographer's cabinet cards...a midget woman born without feet.
    my email is

  2. The best valentines gift I ever got was from my dad actually, he gave me a telescope (it was technically a gift for himself as he's the astronomy geek) and a book (Norwegian book you wouldn't have heard of it) mapping the complete known universe with coordinates to where you can see them (If you could see them)
    THEN he built in a roof-window just outside my room where he put the telescope next to a bookshelf with a rocking-chair.
    It was so nice of him wanting me to study planets and stars with him :)
    I love him <3 RIP

  3. One year I printed up a meat texture and glued it to a heart shapped candy box and cut away the excess paper to form a heart shapped meat candy box from the Invader Zim Valentine's episode where they gave meat for Valentine's Day...yah...I should have given roses.

  4. 1) I almost already bought one of those. So thank you for validating my money-saving restraint.

    2) I made I <3 SJ t-shirts for my sister and cousin. We used to be a trifecta until two of the three of us moved from SJ.

    3) Email

  5. One year for a girl I kind of fancied's birthday/valentines day I gave her a three layered gift. The first layer was a drawing I did of her. The second layer was a mix CD of a bunch of catchy indie songs of the time with a cover cropped from the drawing I did of her. The third and final layer were these plastic tulips which were her favorite flower and the card I wrapped around the flowers was the design of the tattoo she wanted to get for her dad I believe.

    I think that was the pinnacle of my valentines day gifting but if your looking for a valentine I'd be more then happy to lend my services.


    PS. love the site!

  6. this year im making making a this for my girlfriend. Im gonna but a chocolate bear. I took a scalpel and carved it's stomach out and filled it with those candy bones, and two candy hearts (they were the oversized one, and one for me and my girl) and some shaved down gummy worms, for viens, and redhots for blood (vessels). Then I wrapped medical gauss and wrapped a medically looking tag around it's leg. and put it in a tiny Styrofoam container and filled it with ice.
    the top has a medical cross in a heart with the words "love you to death" under it.

    I hope she likes it

    I dunno if gifts your gonna give counts, but it's all me.

    rescueroma @

  7. Jeffrey that gift sounds hilarious and cute.

    Best gift I ever gave was this heart-shaped candy wreath. It was for this girl I had a crush on in 4th grade. Found out she loved these candies she could never find and I made my mom take me all over the city to collect enough to make the wreath. About a hundred candies, metal wire, and a glue gun later and there was the wreath.

  8. a while back i worked at an indie record store, i was dating a boy who moved back to his home in the UK and we were doing the long distance thing. he had sent me 2 dozen pink tulips (my fav) and i filled a xerox box full of promos, free cds, stickers, shirts and junk from the store and sent it to him in liverpool. you would think living in l-pool he would have decent taste in music, but it was the nickleback and creed cds that REALLY excited him. as you can assume, it didnt work out. good v-day though. :) (swapper13 at hotmail by the way. or there is another email attached to my google profile... you choose! :D)

  9. I had a girlfriend back when I was 21 and I had wanted us to go away for Valentine's weekend. Nothing major just a road trip up to my parents Condo in NH. I had this planned out nearly a month before, and yes I had talked to her about this. Small problem, she did not ask for the weekend off from work. I was pissed. We had a romantic Valentine's dinner at McDonald's.

  10. I had just starting dating my then-bf at college. He was terrified of getting valentine's day wrong, and I, rather snarkily, explained that I really didn't give two shits about the holiday, I was happy to just be with him. Actually, I think my exact words "I don't care if you get me marshmallows on sticks. I'm just happy to be with you."

    A week later, on V-day, I walked into my dorm room (we never locked our doors back then), to find a vase with a dozen... marshmallows on sticks.

    We didn't last much longer than that month, but I still remember that valentine's day present fondly.

  11. I have a couple of memories that are my favorite for Valentines day. The most current being the Valentines day from I believe two years ago. My husband really isn't big on the commercial buying cheap candies and flowers part of Valentines day, so instead, he wrote me a long letter about all the things he loved about me, and how much he loved me, and mailed it to my place of work so that I still received it in front of all the girls getting flowers, and it was a much better gift, and a complete surprise.
    -The second was from a long time boyfriend that I dated throughout high school and a couple years after. We went to a very large high school, so during lunch he brought me a dozen beautiful roses and showed up with his guitar and played and sang a song that he had written for me, in front of the entire cafeteria. It was beautiful and amazing.
    -The last was a gift that I gave said boyfriend above. Every time I asked him what he wanted for a gift, I got some random answer like "I want pet dinosaurs" So I purchased a blank round empty wooden box, painted it black, cut out pictures of us in little heart shapes and things of that nature and glued them to this box. Wrote our names and hearts and things in red paint type stuff on it , and then filled it with candy and little plastic dinosaurs. So he got what he wanted, and something special out of the deal too. We have long since been broken up, moved on and married, but I will always have fond memories.

  12. A few years ago my boyfriend picks me up for work I was tired and so not in the valentines mood.
    We go for a dessert and when we get home he pushes the computer in my
    face and there is the geekiest proposal ever!
    He then starts to do a "sexy" dance (in our house sexy = dorky)
    to the tune of a song from Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.

    I am now the proud wife of the sweetest most awesome dork ever.

  13. I forgot to put this on my post

    from garth marenghi's darkplace

  14. Oh, I know the show. I woke up in the middle of the night one night, stumbled upon it, and stayed up for the next few hours watching a marathon. Great show.