Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enter the Dragon nesting dolls (and more)

Some highlights from a nesting doll show from some time ago at Wurst Gallery:

Enter the Dragon by Patrick Fong.

Animals by Aaron Renier.

The core of Johann Strauss Jr. by Adam Bayer.

Russians by Carson Ellis.

"A magic sleeping baby who has a beautiful spirit and a super lucky CARVED RUBY of MAGIC" by Friends With You.

Self portrait and random assortment by Jen Sbragia.

Robots by Martin Ontiveros.

Emotions by Trish Grantham.

*See more nesting dolls here.

*Buy nesting dolls at eBay.


  1. These are amazing! Ahh I want them!

  2. Holy Toledo! I am a huge fan of nesting dolls and you've just provided me with tons of treats - THANX! Now to be able to afford some! :)(:

  3. I love these. I really want to try making some some time... (I linked to this on the Dabbled facebook page by the way.)

    Oh, I saw this the other day and thought you'd like it: Robot Snowplow - eats snow, poops bricks!