Monday, February 1, 2010

John Carter of Mars Art Contest: The winners are....

Here are the entries to this month's John Carter of Mars art contest:

Daniel Heard.

Seni Oyewole.

Jason Chalker.

Jason King.

Bob Farrigan.


Cormac McEvoy.

Shane "Das Chupa" Parker.

Carlos Melgares.

Henry Agyekum.

All of the entries were great, but I'm picking Jacob Green's 8-Bit John Carter video game screens as the best:

Bob Farrigan randomly won the $25 credit. Thanks very much to everyone who participated. I'll announce February's art contest shortly.

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  1. Congrats Jacob. Your entry was clever and well executed!

  2. Thanks, Jason. You have a great piece there. It's always awesome seeing somebody work with physical mediums.

  3. Well done gents. Jacob, I had your entry picked as the cleverest of the bunch.
    Kudos, sir.

  4. Good job Jacob!!
    These contests always house such a well spirited bunch of experts! From oils to pixels its just amazing !

  5. Great job Jacob, just incredibly original and well done concept. A very deserving win! Congrats to all the entries, I feel very humbled to be included in such a talented group.

  6. Congrats man! I really dig your work and the best man won.

  7. Congrats to all the entrants including myself. We rock.