Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Macabre photos by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

A small taste of the macabre photos on display at Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison's site. A collection of their work is 37% off at Amazon. Here's the official description:

Nearly a decade after the publication of The Architect's Brother, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison will be releasing their second title which revisits themes explored in the first book including man s destruction and healing of the planet. Shot in color, the photographs also utilize the ParkeHarrisons early technique of applying pigment by hand, directly to their large-scale prints. Robert ParkeHarrison once again appears as the Everyman of the book's visual narrative--one who despite the will to effect change, is all too often rendered impotent and ineffectual. The ParkeHarrisons also explore the epic landscape as a metaphor for the state of mankind, particularly alluding to recent natural disasters and their aftermath.