Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mario Bros. Plumbing and Rapture t-shirts (link roundup)

Video game t-shirts on sale at GamerPrint.

And a few more links:

1. Tina Fey's scar was photoshopped out of a Vogue cover photo. Via.

2. RIP Dick Francis. Via.

3. Chibi Big Daddy drawing.

*Previously: Lingerie model Karolina Kurkova has no belly button.

*Buy Bioshock toys at eBay.


  1. My daughter has no belly button either, born with something called a 'gastroschisis'. The only reason I mention it is that when she was born, her body had the proportions of an adult (since her guts were on the outside, the abdomen doesn't form the big belly) Imagine a baby's head on a body with adult proportions. Interesting! (baby is totally ok)

  2. Wow, as if having a newborn wasn't stressful enough.