Sunday, February 14, 2010

New poster by Patricio Oliver

New poster starring Patricio Oliver's The Tenebrae:


About the Print
- 11 × 17 Poster printed in full color on high quality 100# stock.
- Limited to 50 prints with 50% OF PROFITS to benefit INVISIBLE CHILDREN
- includes 1 (one) KidRobot Cucos Mini Figure

About the Charity
Storytellers. Visionaries, humanitarians, artists, and entrepreneurs. Invisible Children are individuals part of a generation eager for change and willing to pursue it. As a non-profit Invisible Children work to transform apathy into activism. By documenting the lives of those living in regions of conflict and injustice, Invisible Children hope to educate and inspire individuals in the Western world to use their unique voice for change. Invisible Children's media creates an opportunity for people to become part of a grassroots movement that intelligently responds to what's happening in the world.

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