Monday, February 15, 2010

Super Punch Interview: Jason Chalker

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Meet Jason Chalker:

1. What is your idea of the perfect day?

My idea of a perfect day is getting up, having a great breakfast and then getting that rare inspiration where you can do no wrong art-wise and just make art all day. Then go get some tasty BBQ or Tex-Mex (because I was so in the zone I missed lunch) and then either get back to making art or watch a great movie with my girlfriend.

2. Describe one of the best moments in your life:

I've been fortunate to have so many wonderful moments in my 41 years on this planet that it's really hard to narrow it down to just one. So, I guess one of the events that pretty drastically changed the creative direction of my life was seeing Star Wars for the first time as a kid in 1977. I was so blown away. It was like visual crack. I know it's kind of cheating giving more than one, but it's kind of related. My other best moment was taking my family to see A Scanner Darkly at the theater and seeing my name in the credits. At that moment I got the awesome validation of being there when my parents realized the money they spent on me getting an art degree was worth it.

3. What is your most common nightmare?

It's funny. I almost never have nightmares, and then I rarely remember them. Although there's one I've had a few times since I was 4 or 5. All I can clearly remember of it was there being a creepy lightning storm and I went to the neighbors house and their garage door was open. When I went inside, I saw that their pet owl had pecked a hole in their teenage sons forehead, but it wasn't bloody, it was more like the hole to a bird house. Yeah, I know, it's weird... but hey, you asked.

4. What are your three favorite possessions?

This is a tough one...
1) My original Revenge of the Jedi poster that I bought at the mall for $10 before they changed the name to Return.
2) My original R2-D2 cookie jar that I've had since I was 10. It has managed to survive all of my moves un-chipped. (are you seeing the pattern that was started on #2?)
3) My Captain America drawing by Greg Hildebrandt. Not so much because of the drawing itself, but more for the fact that it connects me to an artist that had a HUGE influence on me as a kid. He was such a kind and gracious man when I met him.

5. What is your goal for 2011?

To continue improving as an artist, growing as a person and getting more comfortable in my own skin. Also spending more time with my family. I recently moved back to my home town after leading a pretty nomadic lifestyle for the past 15-20 years. It's really nice putting down some roots again.

6. What super power would you most like to have?

This question is so not fair! If I had to boil it down to one power, I guess it would teleportation. It would be cool to just pop anywhere at will.

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