Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Forest Head (link roundup)

This is Simparch's Silvas Capitalis, or Forest Head:

SIMPARCH situated an iconic head, on the grounds of the Kielder forest, located near the Scottish border. Large enough to enter into with stairs to a 2nd floor, this large anthropomorphic offering was inspired by the Celtic gods of Britain whom are frequently anonymous and depicted merely by the head alone.

In the relatively new and cultivated monoculture of Kielder's "working" forest, a giant head sits knowingly watching and listening to the nuances of daily forest life - the creatures, the wind, and the roar of harvesting equipment.

Each of the 107 layers of a plywood maquette were scanned and enlarged to make full scale paper templates. The lumber was cut to the drawing and stacked/glued/pegged together, then shaped with chainsaw and grinder.

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