Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Funny and provocative comments about Lost

First, go here for a very funny summary of this week's episode, Recon. For example:

Except, I’m pretty sure that Charles Widmore didn’t get to be the owner of his own private submarine by immediately putting all his faith into handshake deals with grown men who call complete strangers “Freckles.”

That night, at the campfire, Sawyer reveals to Kate that he is actually playing BOTH SIDES. Classic long con. He is going to let Locke and Charles Widmore kill each other, and then he and Kate are going to escape the island once and for all. “Oh, Sawyer, even if we could get on that plane, who would fly it?” Kate asks. “We ain’t taking the plane, Cinnabon, we’re taking the sub.” And then dramatic music fades in. HAHAHHA, THE SUB?! WHUUUUUUUUUUUT? Probably the funniest ending of an episode ever. “We’re not taking the plane, Pinkberry, we’re taking the sub.” I wonder how many takes they had to do for Sawyer’s delivery to be INTENSE enough.
And then go here for a more thoughtful exploration of the episode. For example:
FUN FACT! The legend of the Fisher King — the guardian of the Holy Grail, or enchanted spring — holds that there are two custodians at any one time. There is a king, and there is a knight. Sometimes they are father and son. For some reason, the natural order of things requires the Fisher King to have an infirmity that makes him incapable of moving. He has an injury to his leg, foot, or groin. The job of the Grail Knight is to heal the Fisher King. But alas, Grail Knights are known to get distracted by selfishness or missions of vengeance and neglect their duty to the Fisher King. When this happens, the kingdom becomes infertile. No flowers; no babies. Oh, and the abode where the king and knight live pops in and out of reality, at different times and places. One more thing? The Fisher King is called the Fisher King because he fishes. A lot. Mostly to pass the boring-ass time guarding the grail. THEORY! Jacob was the Fisher King. Smokey was his knight. Smokey became disenchanted, neglected his duties, wanted out, conspired to kill the Fisher King to earn that freedom.
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