Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jersey Shore ad (link roundup)

One of the ads MTV is using to market Jersey Shore overseas. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Interesting sponsored post by CPK at Serious Eats.

2. Relatedly, here's a 30 minute interview where Jason Kottke talks about blogging. The most interesting points are:

-He gets 33% of his hits from direct traffic, 33% from search results, and 33% from third-party links. (That last number fascinates me, and I wish the interviewer had followed up. Kottke posts some interesting links, but he very rarely posts images, video, or text that's worth linking to. I suspect he gets that traffic from successful blogging friends that are part of the same ad network. By comparison, only a tiny fraction of my traffic is from third party links.)

-When he took two months off from blogging, his traffic fell by 50%, and it took nine months of work to get back to the former level.

-He's been unsuccessful selling RSS feed ads, and thinks John Gruber is uniquely successful in selling such ads (because people are desperate to promote their iPhone apps). (When companies approach me about ad space, they're uniformly interested in banner ads only, and show no interest in exploring more creative options such as sponsoring the RSS feed.)

-His advice to anyone who wants to make money blogging? Do what he did - - spend ten years of hard work before making any real money. (My advice is to find a lucrative niche no one else has thought of, or only blog if you enjoy it. Expert couponing will probably be a more certain money saver.)
3. Speaking of ads, here's one author's experience using Google TV ads.

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