Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arthur Conan Doyle (link roundup)

Arthur Conan Doyle by Graham Annable for Hey Oscar Wilde, It's Clobberin' Time. See also: Stephen King's Carrie by Ryan Cody.

And a few more links:

1. For anyone who watched Lost, Google doesn't seem to think there is a coffee shop at the corner of Sweetzer and Melrose. I can't remember off hand. (Since I visit Oahu fairly often, but have always lived in LA, it's strange to hear people talk and act like they're in LA, but so obviously be on Oahu. Almost like ... I'm living in an alternate reality.)

2. How to cancel your credit card without hurting your credit score.

3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is free to play and runs smoothly. Via.

4. Several pages from Lucas Marangon's new Dark Horse comic. (I love the goofy Star Wars comics Lucas used to draw).

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