Monday, April 12, 2010

Dan DeCarlo's Jetta

Criag Yoe:

For the first time all of Dan DeCarlo’s rare three 1950s sexy Jetta comic books are collected in one large full-color hardback volume! Plus, rare and unpublished art by Dan and saucy and fun pinups by 37 master cartoonists and illustrators!
The hardcover is only $15 at Amazon.

You can read a sample Jetta story here. And here's some of the pin-ups:

Bill Presing.

Ben Tan.

Dominic Marco.

Scott Tolleson.

Andrew Pepoy.

The Savanella Sisters.

Molly Crabapple.

Katie Rice.

Justin Ridge.

Mike Maihack.

Kali Fontecchio.

Becky Dreistadt.

Jenny Lerew.

I took the liberty of turning two of the pin-ups into widescreen desktop wallpapers:

*Buy pin-up collections at Amazon.