Sunday, April 18, 2010

The League of Extraordinary Zombie Killers

I've mentioned Studio Miniatures' post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz miniatures before:

They're part of a line of celebrity zombie killers that includes The Terminator, Ash (Evil Dead), Alice (Resident Evil), Snake Plissken (Escape from New York), Shaun (of the Dead), and John McClane (Die Hard):

And one last character that I don't recognize:

Most, if not all, of the miniatures are painted by this artist.

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  1. There are some fun pop-culture zombies in there too, for instance, the entire cast of Scrubs is one of his Zombie mobs.

  2. No kidding. I didn't really look at the zombies.

  3. erm.....I'd guess the last one is El Ray from Planet Terror?

  4. Last one looks like the guy from Land of the Dead to me.

  5. I thought it was Al Pacino as Scarface.

  6. Pretty sure its John Leguizamo's Character from Land of the Dead. Weapons and jacket fit, along with latino name.

  7. Hey, El Ray = John Leguizamo so you could well be right :D

  8. Okay, I'll be THAT geek:

    John Leguizamo's character in Land of the Dead was named "Cholo."

    The guy from Plane Terror was called "Wray" (the place he and the other characters were attempting to escape to was "El Ray") and was played by Freddy Rodríguez,