Friday, April 23, 2010

Scion Rooms preview

I stopped by Scion's Rooms exhibit this afternoon. Several of the rooms were still half done at best, but here's a few photos:

Adam Wallacavage's room is designed to look like a guest room in his own house, and felt like a trip to the Black Lodge:

Justin Van Hoy's room features NBA memorabilia that'll be familiar to any guy growing up in the 80's. And check out that stunningly atrocious likeness of Karl Malone:

Chris Stain's room was only partially completed, but will feature graffiti and a New York skyline:

I'm pretty sure the couch in Dueling VHS' room was the one my folks had when I was a baby.

Rocky Grimes is a public school teacher and made a typical classroom. But isn't it time for commentary that's a little fresher than comparing Bush to Hitler?

Bill Daniel's room tells the tale of a burnt out skateboarding punk fan, who frequents a bar serving only energy drinks. But I was more intrigued by his ongoing project documenting long-abandoned oil towns being reclaimed by nature.

And finally, Kime Buzelli's room tried to capture the feel of a slumber party filled with tarot cards and Ouija Boards:

The show opens tomorrow in Los Angeles. Phuong-Cac Nguyen posted a few more photos of the show at Cool Hunting.

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  1. Remember when Startling Lineup figures first came out? Everyone thought they were the coolest things ever. Then came Todd McFarlane......

    Those rooms are all amazing, what a great idea for an art show.

  2. I saw the figure first, and had no idea who it was until I saw the name.