Monday, April 19, 2010

Scion's "Rooms" show

Scion's "Rooms" group exhibition opens this weekend in Los Angeles. The show was curated by Roger Gastman of Swindle, and features a rather diverse range of artists, who were each given a divided section of the gallery to decorate.

I was invited to check out the show later this week, but I wasn't familiar with any of the artists. So, I did some research. Here's what I learned:

Adam Wallacavage: Creator of unusual chandeliers:

Rocky Grimes: Specializes in unorthodox screen printing techniques that he often demonstrates for an audience:

Justin Van Hoy: Art director, designer and co-founder of THIS Los Angeles. He's worked on projects such as the Zune Arts: The Lost Ones graphic novel/print collection that was much more desirable than the Zune it advertised:

Dan Monick (photographer) and Caitlin Reilly (art director):

Bill Daniel: His film Who is Bozo Texino? takes a look at hobo graffiti art:

Kime Buzzelli: Painter, fashion designer, and looking for unusual wedding ideas:

Dueling VHS: Makers of funny videos such as Wolf: The Constable (dramatically funnier than Dog: The Bounty Hunter):

Chris Stain: graffiti writer and stencil print maker specializing in images of blue collar America:

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*Buy Zune Arts: The Lost Ones at eBay.