Monday, April 19, 2010

Super Punch Interview: Dave Horne

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Meet Dave "The Eagle Lord" Horne:

1. What is your idea of the perfect day?

Staying in a beautiful log cabin in the middle of the snowy Canadian wilderness. With a few close friends. Plus plenty to drink and a sweet old school log fire. With no-one else around to disturb us all :]

2. Describe one of the best moments in your life:

Was on holiday with a special someone ^_-. We got up early and sat on the beach watching the sunrise.

The first time in my life I remember being amazed at how beautiful nature really is.

3. What is your most common nightmare?

Looking in the mirror and not recognizing the face in front of me.

4. What are your three favorite possessions?

IPod (music is a big part of my life), Laptop (One of my connections to the world), Mobile Phone.

5. What is your goal for 2010?

To think more of myself and less of others, and maybe just maybe discover extra-terrestrial life :)

6. What super power would you most like to have?

I get asked this a lot. As it stands at the moment I’m going for the "Healing Factor", it'd be nice to spend some time without injury or illness.

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