Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Toy roundup

Some great toys that caught my eye this week:

Hot Toys One Sixth scale Obama ("1/6 Scale Truetype Body - African American Advanced TTM-15") available for preorder at BBTS, which is still having a big sale.

From 3A Toys - - 2000 AD's THARG (sold out instantly).

3xTQ coming soon from 3A.

Twelve inch Firefly by Sideshow Collectibles available for preorder at BBTS.

Black Lantern Terra with Scar, a very angry cat. I haven't read any of the Lantern books. Does the cat vomit liquid hate or something? Via.

Subject Delta plush doll available for preorder at BBTS.

Sweetums figure on sale at BBTS.

Plush Doraemon on sale at P-A.

Plush Kirby on sale at P-A.

Princess Peach figurine on sale at P-A.

*Buy Firefly action figures at eBay.


  1. thats actually Red Lantern Mera, aquaman's wife, and Dex-Starr. He spews blood which is like liquid rage

  2. I stand corrected - - must have misread the information at CBR.

  3. You read it correctly. It does list Terra and Scar, it's just those aren't the figures you posted.

    Terra and Scar are here:

    Even though he's pictured, the listing doesn't say that Dex-Starr comes with Mera.

  4. Oh, that must have been what threw me off - - I looked for the word "and" in the description.