Monday, April 19, 2010

Zero Per Zero railway maps (review roundup)

Railway maps by Zero Per Zero: Seoul, Manhattan, Tokyo and Hokkaido. You can find them on sale as maps, posters, mousepads, and more at Japanistic and ShopEssentials, which was kind enough to send me Tokyo. The map came packaged in a box, secured in a shipping tube, and as you can see, the maps are gorgeous.

And two more reviews:

1. Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn: I love everything Frank Quitely draws. Unfortunately, he only drew half of the volume. Grant Morrison is tremendously overrated. 34% off at Amazon.

2. Hasbro's Iron Man 2 Movie Series action figures are horrendously made. I got two for my boys, and noticed at the time that they were surprisingly cheap. There's a good reason. The Iron Man Mark III is so loose in the torso that you can spin his upper body like a top. And his hands fall right out of the wrists and had to be glued in place.

*You can read more of my reviews here.

*Buy vintage globes at eBay.


  1. i agree with you on #2. i picked up a war machine and a mark v suitcase armor and they look cool (if you are lucky to find some with good paint jobs) but they playability isn't there as the limbs and head pop off when posing for display. i guess if you were standing them up somewhere they would be fine. but for kids that want to play and enjoy them, they will be in pieces. hate to say it but they don't make them like they used to. my joes never popped apart that easy and they were hasbro

  2. Actually, they make them much better than they used to - - the Star Wars Clone Wars figures have tremendous sculpts and hold up well to my boys' vigorous play.

    For example, pretty much every Joe I had soon had thumbs broken off. But the Star Wars figures feature rubber hands with just enough give.

    (They're also more expensive than these Iron Man figures.)

  3. well, i can relate with the broken thumbs but i didn't have to worry about limbs or heads popping off. i love my 25th line of joes and even some of the rise of cobra stuff. i think hasbro's 3 3/4 line is great and sculpts are beautiful but i think (in some cases) they are sacrificing the playability for the sculpt. and it seems a few toy lines are going this route.

    for example, DCDirect makes beautiful sculpts but you can't get much play out of them. i know they are marketed towards collectors but you know what mean.

    that said, hasbro's lines are way more articulated and the star wars toys are some of the best. now if only they can work on their Marvel Universe paint jobs

  4. I agree with you on number 1.

    I hear that Grant gets some of his story lines from Aliens. Maybe that is why I can go from one panel to the next and think "Did I miss three pages of story some where?". It must be the way Aliens tell their stories.

    I did like the story at issue #10. They find clues in Wayne manor that Bruce has hidden in the past. It was very "National Treasureish". I hope they play it all they way out.