Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another chance to buy Tyler Stout's Iron Man posters

I know some of you were disappointed to miss out on Tyler Stout's Iron Man poster so...

Tyler Stout:

hello -
this email deals with my current iron man 2 poster, and its sale release info.
i will be putting my poster up for sale here

it will go onsale sometime after 8PM Pacific Standard Time, today, May 5th. if you're unsure what time that is wherever you're at, go here and convert your time to Pacific Standard Time, Washington State time.

NOTE: after 8pm could mean 8:01 PM, could be 9:01 PM, could be 10:01 PM. i will try to be closer to 8PM BUT if the site crashes from too many people refreshing at the same time, the poster will go onsale after the site is back up. i have been reassured Etsy can handle traffic, so i'm hopeful. Please do not email me about the specific time it will go up for sale.

IMPORTANT: if you're interested in picking up the poster, you'll need an ETSY account. they are free, and are required to purchase via ETSY. Why am i using ETSY? because other sites i have used in the past were unable to handle the web traffic and crashed, so hopefully this fixes that problem. So, create an ETSY account beforehand, not at the sale time, since i am guessing this poster will sell out quickly.

the poster is 24x36, 6 colors / 7 color glowinthedark variant, commissioned by the alamo drafthouse for their screening of iron man.
Regular Edition
Variant Edition

i am limiting people to one poster per person. one poster total, not one of each version. this is to make my very limited amount stretch as far as possible. if you purchase more than one, or if you purchase a regular and a variant, even if you do it in two different orders, you will be refunded for everything.

Cost: i still have to figure that out, since etsy has additional fees, but it will be around $48 for the regular and 83$ for the variant.

if you'd like a shot at preordering, and you own a copy of my Alamo Drafthouse Bladerunner poster (either version) or a copy of my HOT FUZZTIVAL alamo poster, take a picture of yourself with it (as well as a picture of the penciled in numbered edition part (bottom right corner), and email it my way. i'll be picking some winners to have the option to preorder a poster.
RULES: only pictures received by 12AM PST tonight will qualify.
- sending a picture does not guarantee a preorder.
- you must be in the picture, you cannot just submit a picture of the poster itself
- i will notify all winners by tomorrow noon, PST.

*Buy Blade Runner posters at eBay.