Thursday, May 20, 2010

Batman #700 by Mike Mignola (link roundup)

Batman #700 cover by Mike Mignola:

Superman #700 cover by Eduardo Risso:


And a few more links:

1. Sunday, I posted excellent short films made to promote Alan Wake that were clearly inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Ironically, David Lynch himself was hired to direct a 16 minute short movie for Dior. It's laughably pathetic. I defy you to make it more than halfway without losing interest.

2. Prince of Persia augmented reality bus ads.

3. "10 Newsweek Staffers Who Will Help Save The Magazine...Or Be Awesome Hires For Someone Else."

4. By comparison, here's a pretty wild description of what it used to be like to work for Newsweek.

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