Sunday, May 16, 2010

Domo stars in a Star Wars commercial (link roundup)

Domo stars in a commercial for the Clone Wars cartoon in Japan. (And by "cartoon," I mean weekly animated toy commercial.)

And a few more links:

1. Scott Turow on the importance of persistence in becoming a writer:

"Presumed Innocent was written over a six to seven year period with intervals in between where I was figuring out the end of the book and writing other stuff ... My life as a writer was carried on against the odds. I had written four unpublished novels by then.

2. Relatedly, Malcolm Gladwell says:
I see storytelling like a puzzle: you arrange details for people until you get them in just the right order.
3. And speaking of authors, Neil Gaman's stance on public speaking is pretty funny:
Q. How can I get Neil Gaiman to make an appearance at my school/convention/event?
A. Contact Lisa Bransdorf at the Greater Talent Network. Tell her you want Neil to appear somewhere. Have her tell you how much it costs. Have her say it again in case you misheard it the first time. Tell her you could get Bill Clinton for that money. Have her tell you that you couldn't even get ten minutes of Bill Clinton for that money but it's true, he's not cheap.

On the other hand, I'm really busy, and I ought to be writing, so pricing appearances somewhere between ridiculously high and obscenely high helps to discourage most of the people who want me to come and talk to them. Which I could make a full time profession, if I didn't say 'no' a lot.
His appearance fee was the scandal of the day earlier this week.

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