Monday, May 24, 2010

If Rembrandt painted advertisements for junk food and beer

The classic style of Rembrandt, mixed with the labels of Snickers, Coke, Bud Light and other modern junk food by Alan MacDonald. Some of these paintings are on display at Scion's Palate show.

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  1. This looks nothing like Rembrandt. Way too flat in respect to light and shadows and there is too much detail. It is very clear that these people were not models but that the artist used photographs. While painting he also copied some typical characteristics you see in photography. The work is OK, but this is nothing like Rembrandt or even classical art. Classic painters always (well most of them/most disciplines) painted impressions. Not one-on-one copies of what they actually saw. Capturing a sight at the moment was something the late 19th century impressionists did like van Gogh and Monet, and still it had very little to do with photography.

  2. Looks like a 3rd category ad. Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. In response to the above comment, all of Macdonald's works are painted from his imagination. They are not from photographs, and often the people in his paintings, and the landscapes, change several times before they are finished.

  4. these are nice and fun
    the artist is very talented
    it does not matter that they are not like Rembrant
    they are done in the spirit of his work