Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost (spoilers)

Considering it turned out that Lost was nothing more than a mashup of Gilligan's Island and Myst where crazy stuff happened to beautiful emo people, and nothing said or done made any coherent, logical sense, I liked the last episode. (Because I'm a sucker for happy endings with people in love, even if the couples make little sense. Sayid's true love is Shannon? Okay, if you say so. Locke's true love is his legs? Okay.)

But the Jimmy Kimmel wrap-up show really left a terrible taste in my mouth. First of all, he was a bore and didn't say anything remotely funny. I can't imagine he made a single new fan last night. Second, I sure got the impression from the ads that the wrap up show would feature genuine alternate endings from Lost (which I took to mean serious, extended endings such as "here's what happened to Smokey and Jacob"). I hadn't expected that I'd sit through 30 minutes of local "news" and an hour of Kimmel's pathetic banter to see Lindelof and Cuse feature themselves in lame, predictable, egotistical joke endings.

But I do like the Lost-themed smoke detector ad for Target I'd never seen before last night:


  1. Kimmel is a basbeall Slugger, all HR's and striekouts. He tries hard to be a good corporate whore, and that's ok because he's open and honest about it. But if you are going to sell out, go all the way.

    As someone that never watched Lost, it is amazing how many different takes on the Finale I have read so far. They got every reaction possible, and that is a legendary feat.

  2. Lost was on last night? I could have sworn there were just a bunch of commercials...

  3. I thought all of the Target ads were very clever, the wild-boar/BBQ sauce one especially made me laugh. Didn't see the Jimmy Kimmel thing, and now I'm glad we didn't bother. I think my main gripe with the ending of this series was that it could have literally worked as the ending of ANY series (with different characters of coursem, The Golden Girls, or MASH for instance) since the message of the ending was not "This is how we resolve the story of LOST" so MUCH as it was "This is what it's like when you die" which I found kind of corny and sort of a cop out "And then they all woke up... but in Heaven!" kind of ending. (but I agree, I like happy endings with characters I love, loving each other) I love how Daimon and Lindelof kept saying "This is not the story of an island, or a smoke monster, it's the story of these people..." Like that makes it okay to make those elements somehow minor subplots after using them to gain viewer interest for 5.5 seasons. It's a no-questions-please tactic to hide just how many plot-holes they never found a way to explain away. That's a pretty glaringly bad case of I-don't-know-how-to-end-this-itus.

    Here's what I thought about the end of Lost (didn't see Jimmy Kimmel in the UK)

  5. I have to agree, the teasers for Kimmel's program really gave the impression they were official alternate endings. I'm glad I didn't stay up to watch them. I caught them along with the Q&A this a.m. and they all were pretty much a waste of my time. There could have been some really good questions in the Q&A but instead we got "where would you recommend to eat?" Really? 6 seasons of Lost and you want to know where they like to eat? I think the only entertaining questions were what prop did you take and who would you vote off the island. Darn shame. In closing I did enjoy the end of the series though.

  6. Gawd I was pissed, not only did they manage to turn all the sidesteps into nothing more than fanfiction, but then they advertised alternate endings for a frickin week only to find weak craptacular fake unfunny endings. ABC's ad department has proven to be a group of ill minded idiots; they can't hurt me any more.

    All in all, I liked the ending (I love a good slo mo hugging scene), I just hated the entire 6th season. The writers have no idea how to finish something, but they are awesome at making new questions which is comparable to a burger that smells and looks awesome but tastes like cardboard.