Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost (spoilers)

Considering it turned out that Lost was nothing more than a mashup of Gilligan's Island and Myst where crazy stuff happened to beautiful emo people, and nothing said or done made any coherent, logical sense, I liked the last episode. (Because I'm a sucker for happy endings with people in love, even if the couples make little sense. Sayid's true love is Shannon? Okay, if you say so. Locke's true love is his legs? Okay.)

But the Jimmy Kimmel wrap-up show really left a terrible taste in my mouth. First of all, he was a bore and didn't say anything remotely funny. I can't imagine he made a single new fan last night. Second, I sure got the impression from the ads that the wrap up show would feature genuine alternate endings from Lost (which I took to mean serious, extended endings such as "here's what happened to Smokey and Jacob"). I hadn't expected that I'd sit through 30 minutes of local "news" and an hour of Kimmel's pathetic banter to see Lindelof and Cuse feature themselves in lame, predictable, egotistical joke endings.

But I do like the Lost-themed smoke detector ad for Target I'd never seen before last night: