Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Mike Mignola art (link roundup)

Cover to Hellboy: Masks and Monsters TPB.

Cover to Solomon Kane Volume 2: Death's Black Riders TPB.

Cover to Hellboy: The Storm #2. Via.

And a few more links:

1. The "bling ring" that robbed celebrity homes in Los Angeles was busted after a member boasted at a party and a CNN employee passed on the tip to the police.

2. Russel Crowe does not appreciate being accused of giving Robing Hood an Irish accent. (Other than Alien and Blade Runner, which are both about 30 years old, I've never enjoyed a Ridley Scott movie. Should we be excited about his new Alien films?)

3. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen soon the be a movie:

[Ewan] McGregor will play Fred, the scientist who's stuck in a hen-pecked marriage. Fred suddenly finds himself put under tremendous pressure to help a sheik introduce salmon into Yemen, to score a public relations victory for the embattled British government.
The book is $12 at Amazon.

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